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Air Jordan News


Recently, the reporter learned that the god of basketball Michael Jordan first cooperation with Chinese enterprises , Jordan would be a spokeman as a game "NBA2KOnline" of Tencent. The range of cooperation, including image, support and other aspects of the game content will be gradually opened in the near future.

Jordan is recognized as the greatest basketball player ever , he is the god of basketball fans in mind, but also Bryant, James , Durant and other NBA superstar idols active and goal. In his Career, Jordan led the team to three consecutive league win twice , won the NBA championship six times , won 10 times scoring , but as of now to get the most MVP title star.

There Tencent relevant responsible person said , Jordan 's interpretation of the freedom surging basketball charm , "NBA2KOnline" bring fantastic basketball game experience , the perfect combination for the majority of basketball fans dedicate more exciting .

As for the majority of NBA fans and game fans in domestic, Jordan signed "NBA2KOnline" is a victory for the players . In the course of Tencent contact with Jordan , there are over 20 million users participated in the " Touched Jordan" Tencent launched large-scale network activity . The majority of users by sharing their experiences , memories , etc. They all expressed the expectations for Jordan . Therefore , the cooperation with Jordan reached , one of the key factors that users seek and support the majority of Chinese netizens is victory , it is a different past , beyond commercial success.

So far , old and new leaders of the Bulls -- Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan are the "NBA2KOnline" signed on as their spokesperson , players can even chase a superstar in the game Phantom and challenge themselves , winning achievement of new legend. The people who are Familiar with "NBA2KOnline" have been found in a recent game update , the game 's tutorials have started from the Jordan " featuring ." "NBA2KOnline" has increased the legendary players "Michael ? Jordan" Jordan series and achievements , and in the freedom of Legends Challenge Tournament and increased by 96 Jordan led the Bulls .

"NBA2KOnline" was jointly developed by Tencent games and 2KSports, it continues the NBA2K series of classic NBA uses real data , real basketball game system and rules , providing ultra- realistic game screen, providing a variety of NBA journey. The game is currently the only one based on real data , realistic style of basketball online . In the game, players can according to their performance will be traded to the appropriate NBA team, you can apply for or create your own NBA club , but also to get NBA players for the game. In terms of game control , the NBA variety of classic tactics, players feature in full action are also included . NBA Tournament Players can freely Tournament , street race , Legends Challenge four modes in the Internet environment or the NBA campaign together with his brother , or to the technology and strength to write some of their own NBA glory.

As the only officially licensed NBA online , "NBA2KOnline" is considered by many fans as "the world's most authentic of the most fun basketball game ." "NBA2KOnline" successful signing of Jordan , will attract more fans attentions, then let basketball through "NBA2KOnline" deeply rooted in the country and set off a new upsurge.

The contract , Jordan first in-depth cooperation with Chinese enterprises , as for the Chinese game industry is a milestone , it will push the basketball game market to achieve new prosperity.